Photo Diary – July 2012

Another crazy month. Being mid-year university break, much of the entire month is spent slaving at my part-time job, or going to meet-ups to meet friends old and new, some by coincidence, most by near last minute organisation. Most of them involved food/coffee so this Photo Diary contains quite a few pieces of food and drink.

Early in the month, I was approached by a good friend studying Journalism get a few photos for an article she was working on. Seeing the back of her MacBook blanketed with sticky-notes of to-dos and various notes was quite a sight! From previous conversations, she seems to have her hands quite full every time she’s getting an piece published… For the moment, I’m glad I’m not doing Journalism, but at least she is able to feel a sense of achievement for every time it does get published. Unlike what I’m doing (or rather not doing) in my course so far…

Being in the Kings Cross/Darlinghurst area of Sydney, I thought I’d give Uliveto a go. (above; a piccolo latte) Reviews indicate pretty good food, and pretty coffee art. Didn’t get to experience all of that because we didn’t eat anything…

You can find some interesting… subjects?… in this upmarket area…

Gated alleyways and terraced housing reminds me a little of Europe during a stroll through Rushcutters Bay, through Darlinghurst and Surry Hills.

One of my friends is a psychotic psycho.

It was a school holiday weekend, so when we stumbled into Darling Harbour (after picking up some Emperor Puffs), the recently renovated Darling Quarter was packed with families and couples. This small little Jazz band was set-up within the area. The double bass is bad-ass.

Caught up with my reliable food-tech buddy Nick and got to crash his rented apartment down in Kingsford. (as he goes to UNSW) His sister owns this equally bad-ass Breville tea-maker. IT USES MAGNETS!!!

That night was our Tetsuya’s night. Damn this Wagyu was amazing.

Used “MAN BAG” shopping as an excuse to meet-up with a number of other friends during the month as well. Rikkuma is always a good shopping companion!

– This Lamborghini was sitting near Town Hall Station at The Galleries Victoria was to help promote the launch of the new Batman movie… Which I still haven’t seen. Just like the other two… –

Our Chinatown has been holding night-markets every Friday for a good while now, but this is the first time my friend Faith and I were able to try out the street-food for ourselves. Various meats and asian foods served. Torpedo Fries are always glorious.

It is one of my life philosophies that Ice Cream is an any-time, any-weather food. This Supreme Mango Crushed Ice from Meet Fresh is no different. The two of us devoured the lot, and looked down on those weaklings who couldn’t finish it even with three people nibbling on bits of their’s.

Saturday July 14th was the long-awaited SMASH! (Sydney Manga and Anime Show) of 2012! Was disappointed in myself for being anime-free for six-months prior to the convention, meant spme cosplayers and references were beyond me…

My sister has been rather “Hypercaffinated” and obsessed with different processes and types of coffee brews as of late… We both would like to say we have an appreciation of coffee, but I don’t have nearly as many opportunities as she does to experiencing the vast varieties of beans and brewing methods of coffee. So she managed a coffee crawl recently, and I (along with one of her old high school friend) was more than excited to finally sample some for ourselves.

– Above photo is of some beautiful and bloody tasty soft-baked eggs from Ruben Hills in Surry Hills –

Heading through hipster territories; I thought was a humorous piece of art.

Coffee Alchemy in Marrickville is a small but well-known specialty coffees outlet serving a variety of (from my perspective as a lowly flat-white drinker) enthusiast beans and brews. As well as the following piece of sorcery…

– mind blown –

We also tried out three single origin filters of Panamanian Esmerelda, Ethiopian “cherry red” and some Tanzanian one. It was my first real experience of filtered coffee so it’s hard for me to judge how “good” they were without comparing ordinary filters. It was quite obvious the differences in flavours though.

A trip to my favourite specialty and conventional cafe, Single Origin Roasters back in Surry Hills always does an amazing flat-white, and from the few times I’ve had the luxury of eating-in, absolutely brilliant food.
– Above is what they call “winter penicillin” – chicken soup, pearl barley and winter veg –

This “fish supper” – market fish (I think it was perch), mushy peas, lemony potato crisps and herb sauce made me really really happy. The worst part was that the more I ate it, the hungrier I got. I want more!!!

Another stroll through Surry Hills, and my sister decieded to stop by a tea-house called Zensation. They have a large variety of teas that would easily rival T2 and some specialty teas that you won’t find in any major tea-franchise.
They have a “milky oolong” that was incredibly intriguing, so I ordered it to have in. My mind was doubly blown.

They also have a really cute dog. =P

Was also able to cross-off another eatery on my mythical “bucket list”. This time Sake Restaurant & Bar. I’ll have a separate post up later…

It has been an expensive month for me; in addition to food, spent quite some money on new gadgets, such as camera lenses and what you see above. Google’s/Asus’s newly released Nexus 7 tablet. Been playing around with it for a bit. I loved Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on my sister’s Galaxy Nexus. 4.1 Jellybean is even nicer! ^^

But all this disappearing money has to re-appear itself somehow… And I have a cunning plan…