A Food Experience – Sake Restaurant and Bar

Rather late to be posted but on, July the 27th, I, along with my sister and two of her friends crossed off another Sydney foodies “bucket-list” item. Sake Restaurant and Bar is located at The Rocks in Sydney and is a One-Hatted Restaurant in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2013, and has been for a good while. This is a quick post about our small experience (Mainly images of some of what we ordered, as well as some minor comments) at this trendy restaurant.

I am a poor alcoholic, and so this is the Wakanai Mocktail. I’d dont’t remember what was in it, but I recall an almost reamy mocktail with a light touch of cinnamon.

Three Oysters. Always a good way to start.

A well presented Sashimi platter with a good variety of your normal salmon, tuna and kingfish, as well as a variety of benito, scallop, trevally and some others.

The Tuna tasting plate came with these Kozaemon Junmai ‘sake shots’. My first try at Sake. Interesting stuff…

Salt and Pepper Bug Tails. Deliciously salty and peppery, and beautiful bug meat! Not enough yuzu pepper mayonnaise though. =P

This soft-shell crab and “garden rolls” (basically a sushi-roll filled with leaf vegetables) were a special for that day, and oh boy do they cook a soft-shell crab good!

My sister and I are huge fans of scallops, so this was a must-order for us! Miso-cream scallops. A memorable dish, (though a little disappointing as a $31 main…)

It is well known that Japanese cuisine is often fused with French… This was also a special, Beef Tartare, (much better than the one I had at a bar in Paris that looked a little like this but less appetising…) For us, it was the dish of the day! (I think the subtle amount of truffle, if memeory serves, helped out)

The Beef Tataki was beautifully sliced and presented, but proved to be incredibly salty. The tomatoes helped cut that but there weren’t enough for one-per-slice.
We were hoping to stay around for dessert, but due to time constraints, we were kicked out before 8:30 to make way for the next round of customers that Friday night.

All-in-all, I was somewhat disappointed with this experience… Though there were some memorable dishes, they were a little pricier than what I’d normally be happy to pay for a “food experience”, and their overall service I thought was only above average. (There was a large gap between our last two dishes)

All photos were taken with a Sony NEX-5N with Sigma 19mm f/2.8 lens.