Photo Diary – August-September 2012

It’s the season of Spring now! You know what that means? Crazy unpredictable weather, pollen and bees! Yay!!!
But aside from those minor annoyances, it’s also the season associated with new life, and this rings true for a few of my friends who have made some relatively significant strides in their lives over the past two months, and I’m incredibly excited for them. =)

(There wasn’t a post made for August because there wasn’t too much to write about… So I combined them for this month’s! Smart aren’t I?)

Sudden downpour on Hay Street in the City

The above photo was taken moments after attending Sydney’s “Unconvention” of young entrepreneurs, 2012 with my budding friend Leon (@lehyawn). It was the first time I had attended such a convention with motivational speakers, and hearing the stories of prominent entrepreneurs of Australia was rather insightful. Unfortunately for me, I’m still uncertain for my future ambitions, and whether or not I’d like to be starting my own business or anything, but seeing someone as young as 16 pitching a business they already own is quite inspiring…

Inside an impressive warehouse of stage props in Petersham

Currently on my mid-semester break has enabled me to catch-up with a number of my friends as well as meet some new acquaintances… Some still unsure of where they should be at this present time, others who seem to be chugging along rather well. A recent trip to the Inner-west of Sydney was where two friends Nich and Brittany have moved out to from their Central Coast origins, significantly cutting their commute times to study at UTS… It’s small, but newly renovated apartment just off the train line, and close by to the main road. It would seem that their solution has actually led them to be in a pretty well-off financial situation for a student, helped by what I think is a surprisingly good rate of rent.

A different style of Bacon and Eggs from Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills

A number of my friends are also starting internships, and others are going on exchange. Catching-up and farewell-ing a workmate (who also happened to attend the same schools as I did) Sidd (@siddlaha) for his exchange trip to the UK. (Bristol) Super excited for him and can’t wait to hear the stories (and his Foursquare check-ins) of his experience over there!

Enjoying a cup of Earl Grey with some Uni buddies at T2

Meanwhile, I’m having some #FirstWorldProblems where I am right now, but if you’re reading this, then chances are you are too… The good thing about Uni life for me this semester is that I’m actually doing work for my subjects!!! (Only because I have to XD) Despite this though, I feel I’m wasting a lot of time in Tutorials doing what seems like nothing just to get attendance marks, and because I’m paying to addend as such…
I’m also learning how un-tech savvy some a lot of people are… (At least in the people I’ve met so far…)

One of the biggest highlights of this break so far is above, pictured, which if you can’t tell, is that I LEARNT TO PLAY RISK!!!! (I was blue in this picture, and owned Australia. =) See the embedded video for why I wanted Australia XD) It’s been a game I’ve longed to play, and sounded like a lot of fun! Also, board games are so much fun than video gaming online… You get to yell and react at people who see you and react themselves. It’s a wonderfully aggravating game without having to physically murder each other. It also doesn’t help when two of your friends have a mutual alliance to not attack each other, and go for you instead…

A new place called “N2 Extreme Gelato” opened up along the Dixon Street eateries, just north of Chinatown. Thay have some weird and whacked up flavours, and their ice cream is made from liquid nitrogen! SCIENCE!

This was their Buttered Popcorn flavour (it’s also my favourite Jelly Belly flavour) which was very butter-like and had fragments of popcorn in it! I’ve also tried out their Honey and Rosemary, Spicy Strawberry and their Green Tea and Cracked Pepper versions. Loved them all!

Nearing two months on with my Asus built, Google endorsed Nexus 7 tablet. Learning that I much prefer the 4:3 aspect ratio (like the iPad) in cases of web browsing, but the seven-inch form factor is much more preferable, and I love taking and using this on the go. I rarely use my laptop anymore. =)

I’ll finally be heading off to Japan! (So long as the Sino-Japanese conflict doesn’t worsen) Bought my tickets, along with a friend’s to go to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Japan and Singapore for January through mid-February next year. Hoping to catch the Snow Festival in Sapporo too! Much more oganisation for this trip still needs to be done, but it feels good having our flights locked in now. =)

Learning to love Yui Horie’s (or Hocchan’s ^^) music. Purchased her most recent “Best Album” Limted Edition, which came with a bonus clear file and mouse-pad.
Lol, I’m also learning to appreciate how cute she is. lololololololololololol. (but no, she’s really cute! Seriously hard to believe she’s 36!)

And lastly, I’m discovering that I can get some nice bokeh from my the tree outside my window during midday. XD