Photo Diary – October 2012

Ah, again another busy month, University requirements are much more than I’m used to right now, but that’s after an incredibly lazy first semester.
Aside, from that, I’ve been eating, socialising, changing and breaking things which is both annoying and fun at the same time. Not a long post for this entry.

The Crave International Food Festival of Sydney is held this month, with various events for foodies all over the city at varying establishments, some exclusive, some very public. The Night Noodle Markets held in Hyde Park is probably the most accessible and visited event of the festival with hawker-style markets selling food and drinks, from beers to pork buns. Incredibly crowded on the Friday night we went, and personally the quality of food there wasn’t exactly the most impressive.

For the past month or so, I has been experimenting growing my hair out. (I normally have short spiky hair… The last time there’s been a photo of me on this blog is of my time in Hong Kong during the New Year. I’ve been meaning to update the About page but alas…)

I’ve recent;y cut it back again… I really don’t know what to do…

Single Origin Roasters were doing a little thing for Crave as well. A filter coffee with house donuts and chocolate cigars. Twas cute, and the donuts were delicious!

Oh, and don’t drink Soju. The stuff is disgusting. (But I suck with alcohol anyway…)

Ee??? 58.5%? Sugoi ne?
I’ve been terrible with keeping up my introductory Japanese course… I swear I was going to fail my 25% weighting test, but I succeded! (Though three marks below the average, with the highest being 94% ORZ) Turns out I suck at grammar, spelling, Kanji and writing. I’m sure my speaking isn’t much better.

I got fed up with my Dell Venue Pro’s camera enough so I decided to go back to my cracked/semi-broken HTC Mozart. A lot of technology news has been developing for the past week or so, with new iPad Mini, new Android Nexus devices and Windows Phone 8. The Nexus 4 is amazingly cheap at $350 upon release… Much cheaper than the Nokia Lumia 920 on release with Telstra at $800+. No cyan with them either… *sigh*

Speaking of cracked screens, the day Apple announced the iPad Mini, I smash up my Nexus 7 which is only three-months old. Smashed glass (that’s breaking into shards… Definitely not the tough Gorilla Glass found on most high-end devices), damaged LCD, and a partially functional digitizer. All in all, the thing is broken. Repair and DIY screen replacements are so expensive that you’re better off buying a brand new one. (But the tablet is super cheap too.)

And finally, my latest figurine wears. Kyouko Sakura from Madoka Magica arrived earlier this month, and completes my “Magical Quartet” (even though there are five…)