A Short Trip to Adelaide

First of all, since this is post is being written on Christmas Day, I hope you’re all having/had a Merry Christmas!
Now, my older sister’s in the South Australian city of Adelaide for a while for work, and so I thought I’d bay a quick visit since I’ve never been there before, so I flew over there to stay a night. See what Australia’s 5th most populated city has to offer. (Forgive me if this post is a little unstructured…)

Adelaide’s City Centre is an area with a high concentration of high-rises, with a number still under construction. The tall ones appear to mainly be banks and financial firms… None of them seem rather iconic…

Just outside the CBD however, the city and suburbs appears to be much more country-like. Which is nice I guess… This is Unley Road running down the suburb of Unley. (A little cafe called “A Mother’s Milk” is located here. They have excellent eggs and their BLT is truly amazing.)

Back in the city, the main shopping district has a nice large carousel in it’s centre, and at the time, many-a-Christmas decorations.

Four bronze pig statues can be found just doing their things in the mall. Seemingly a popular subject to photograph.

This little one’s called Oliver. :8)


Victoria Square marks the centre of the planned city, where a well-sized Christmas Tree being the centrepiece of the city’s Christmas decorations.

Leigh Street seems to be a trendy street with street markets and a number of nice but seemingly expensive restaurants located down the plaza.

The Sunday Mail’s building has quite a modern facade…

Since my sister’s been around town for a bit, she pretty much gave me a delicious food tour of the city… First stop was Bar 9 for brekafast/lunch/brunch/coffee.

Australian Blue Swimmer Crab in Thai green curry scramble with asian greens on rye

The guys at Bar9 also do some good eggs, and this open sandwich with the Thai green curry was a treat for the senses! Didn’t really feel like a breakfast or lunch kind of meal though, but I guess that’s what’s great about “Modern Australian” food.

Sunday evening… There were some food trucks going around so we decided to try them out… I love chorizo burgers!

“My Kitchen Rules” winners of 2012 Nic and Rocco have their own little desert store in Adelaide’s Chinatown. Their Macarons are pretty good, though not nearly as good as Zumbo’s lot of crazy flavours.

My sister’s staying here by herself in her own little corporate apartment… Nice place, wouldn’t mind one myself… Odd floor-plan though…

The next day my sister had to go to work, so I decided to visit their Botanical Gardens. =)

Various tags of love, graffiti and random profanity can be found etched onto these stalks of bamboo. XD

A large rose garden lives in the north-east corner of the block, where there’s also an interesting indoor-greenhouse structure (in the background) housing a small rainforest-like environment with birds and turtles…

There’s also quite a bit of editing going on here in the gardens, as well as throughout various parts of the city… Notably the stadiums on the north side of the city.

Later that afternoon, it was time to head back to Sydney… Adelaide International Airport is and very modern airport, even designed to be Airbus A380 compatible…

Overall, the city of Adelaide seems to be quite a treat coming from the comparatively busy-busy Sydney. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this smaller Australian city, but I would have really liked to have spent a little more time over there… I guess I underestimated the value of smaller, less populous Australian localities… Maybe I should spend the time to visit more of them in the near future…