Photo Diary – November-December 2012

It’s about an hour before the new year of 2013 begins here in Sydney… So I guess it’s time to write up the last post and photo diary of the year, as well as catch-up on the fact I didn’t post a November Photo Diary.

With my first year of Uni over, it’s time to celebrate! Running around on a spin wheel that just makes you fall over all the time is how we roll!
I’m glad I passed my first year *just* having a few close call passes due to my laziness and disinterest in many of my subjects. I’m fairly sure I don’t want to be doing Economics as a career, or anything business related right now, but as I have nothing better planned, I may as well stick with it for now. See if I don’t fail next year?

I had never been to The Star before. It’s a wonder why…
A burger place had burger with some blue cheese. #winning
Not to mention the numerous other dining and gambling options available… It’s a very nice facility. Reminded me of Hong Kong when I entered. (And also Adriano Zumbo Macarons!)

Red-Braised, Caramelised Black Berkshire Pork Belly with Malfroy’s Organic Yellow Box Honeycomb, Organic Fish Sauce

It was my sister’s birthday mid-November so we decided to cross off Billy Kwong on our food list. The following is just a bit of what we ate…
This Pork Belly was absolutely delicious. Lemon, Honey and Fish Sauce is an awesome combination. And not the red-braised pork I’m used to.

Crispy-Skin Pasture-Fed Duck with Organic Quandong & Blood Orange Sauce

Kylie Kwong’s signature dish I believe, my favourite dish of the day. Full of flavour, and the duck was to die for! Probably the best duck I’ve ever had. (Screw Peking!)

Steamed Silken Tofu with Ginger, Shaved Kombu (100% Natural), Chilli, Shiro Shoyu & Biodynamic Sesame Oil

I’m growing to like tofu a lot it seems. Maybe because it’s softness is therapeutic… The shaved Kombu on top is rather interesting on this dish…

This poached pear with crème_fraîche was their “Dessert of the Day” which struck me as a little odd considering the largely Asian inspired cuisine. It was pretty average too…

Good buddy Nick (@rhythnic) was re-furnishing his drum kit, replacing the tacky blue shiny plastic for a more “natural” Mahogany finish, as well as a bit of a jam session. Below are his photos of his finished work. I wish I could actually mess around with hardware of sorts…

We also went to play some Mah-Jong. Though upon setting up the game, it had seemed we had forgotten how to play… =/

In the first week of December a bunch of us went out to Sydney’s only amusement park, Luna Park. It’s a very small little place, made iconic with it’s face and teeth issues at the entrance… The place is more novelty than for serious dare-devils.

Preparing ourselves for a classic ride on the Rotor. One of my friends challenged us to do the macarena whilst it went round. Surprisingly difficult…

As it’s by the harbour, the demonic sea-land-rats (Seagulls) will eat food from your hand… Violently…

But on the bright side, the venue offers an absolutely stunning view of Sydney Harbour. I don’t see it that often like this at night, so it’s a reminder to me of how truly beautiful this city can be sometimes…

A “Macchiato” had later that evening from a place called “Hana Hana” on Sussex St, just north of the Dixon St eats of Chinatown. Wasn’t that great… =|

I saw “The Hobbit” yesterday. It was good. Some would have said it was the move event of the year. I beg to differ.
My “movie event of the year” was indeed the one-time screenings of both Madoka Magica movies hosted by Madman in Dendy’s Newtown. The session was full of glitches and restarts. Which pissed a lot of us off… But as otaku, we got through it, and we did eventually manage to see the whole thing. (My regards go to those in Melbourne who had their screening cancelled.)
Needless to say, the two movies were beautiful.

Heading up towards Christmas, my sister was in Adelaide for business and I’d thought I’d pay her a short visit. A post about my little trip is posted here.

One thing I managed to pick up over in Adelaide was this beautiful Nokia Lumia 920. (There had been little-to-no stock in Sydney) I’m still very disappointed at the American exclusivity of the cyan colour, so I had to settle for grey after being off-put by the other glossy colours.

Above is an unedited photo taken from the Lumia 920. I’ve been testing the “PureView” camera here and there and the results I’ve been having are mixed… Some folks out ther say I should flash a foreign ROM, others say you’re not using it properly, and Nokia themselves will be releasing an update to improve the camera too. Most times, photos are quite usable, however often noticeably captured with a phone.

Oh, and I picked up another Nexus 7 to replace my smashed one.

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