Japan Trip of 2013 – Part Two


After a week in Tokyo, it was time to head over to Osaka ways!

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Japan Trip of 2013 – Part One

I’m not entirely sure when exactly, nor how long ago since I have been trying to get myself to visit Japan, but a trip had always been nagging me in the back of my mind… Whether I heard or read a little snippet of news from Japan, it caught my interest. The more I looked into details of the workings and occasional quirks of various towns, cities and localities, the more I felt a need to experience them. The more I heard about Japan from my fellow University colleagues, the more and more I became envious… And so,

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Shanghai Trip of 2013

Shanghai has never really been a city I’ve loved, but alas, it’s a place of heritage for my family. (and thus I get lots of red packets…) The city has become China’s economic and cultural centre, and recently featured in the latest Bond movie Skyfall as well as the Looper where China is the place to be come fifty or-so years… For my friend and I, this was just a five-night stop-over from Hong Kong to Japan because it was part of our flight deal. This is a brief post describing the sights we saw during our brief stay

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Hong Kong Trip of 2013


AH, Hong Kong… The last time I was here, it was on my way to Europe, and I only had three and a half days. Didn’t realise there was so much more to this city, so I knew I had to come back sometime soon. This time, I gave myself six full days, whilst on my way to Japan, (where I’m writing this post from) which of course was still not enough time to explore such a large and vibrant city! (because I’m behind, this’ll be a bit of a photodump of things I found significant during my visit…)

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Europe Trip 11-12 – Hong Kong Stopover

La bonne annĂ©e!!! from Paris! Arrived here three days ago, but for the four days before that, I had a stopover in “Asia’s World City” of Hong Kong. My first time overseas that’s not Shanghai or Beijing. So it was nice to explore a city other than Australia, and not exactly ‘China’.

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