Hong Kong Trip of 2013


AH, Hong Kong… The last time I was here, it was on my way to Europe, and I only had three and a half days. Didn’t realise there was so much more to this city, so I knew I had to come back sometime soon. This time, I gave myself six full days, whilst on my way to Japan, (where I’m writing this post from) which of course was still not enough time to explore such a large and vibrant city! (because I’m behind, this’ll be a bit of a photodump of things I found significant during my visit…)

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Europe Trip 11-12 – Hong Kong Stopover

La bonne annĂ©e!!! from Paris! Arrived here three days ago, but for the four days before that, I had a stopover in “Asia’s World City” of Hong Kong. My first time overseas that’s not Shanghai or Beijing. So it was nice to explore a city other than Australia, and not exactly ‘China’.

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