Japan Trip of 2013 – Part Two


After a week in Tokyo, it was time to head over to Osaka ways!

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Japan Trip of 2013 – Part One

I’m not entirely sure when exactly, nor how long ago since I have been trying to get myself to visit Japan, but a trip had always been nagging me in the back of my mind… Whether I heard or read a little snippet of news from Japan, it caught my interest. The more I looked into details of the workings and occasional quirks of various towns, cities and localities, the more I felt a need to experience them. The more I heard about Japan from my fellow University colleagues, the more and more I became envious… And so,

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Shirakawa-go in the Winter

Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located in the mountainous regions of Gifu Prefecture, and has been on my list of must see places in Japan for years. This need is mostly due to the village being the setting of “Hinamizawa”, a village in the infamous Japanese anime series Higurashi no naku koro ni. Thus making this my first “Anime Pilgrimage”. – This short-ish blog post will reflect some aspects of the village depicted within the series, but also hopefully show just how beautiful and serene this historic village is.

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SMASH! – Anime and Manga Convention – 2012


SMASH! -Sydney Manga and Anime Show- (not “Sydney Manga Show”…) is one of three, major conventions in Sydney that celebrate Japanese pop culture, held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in the heart of the City’s Darling Harbour precinct. The convention has grown rather quickly in popularity, and has become large enough to earn a mention in the prime-time light-entertainment program “The Project.” Run entirely by volunteers, this year’s convention was most definitely their biggest yet, with the site’s auditorium close to capacity at the show’s main event, I was delighted to attend again this year and the

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